26 October 2008

Comment moderation is on

The Boston Korean bigot continues to spam this blog with comments.

While it's very amusing to be able to get a good peek into the mindset of the South Korean reactionary bastards (who don't even stand for the vast majority of South Koreans) without even trying, I think I've given enough of a platform for them to demonstrate their hatred and stupidity.

There is a Korean saying for someone who knows absolutely nothing about the outside world. It's 우물안 개구리 (frog in a well). All of Korea was under such mindset in the 1860s, when the royal government adopted an isolationist policy. North Korea continues that mindset today. And while South Korea has opened up, and its people are among the most informed in the world, that cannot be said of the conservative establishment, who continue to face the world - and America in particular - through their colored lenses, as opposed to reality.

I am forced to moderate this blog from now on. I hate to do this, but I now have no choice.

Moreover, I am going to look into reporting the Boston Korean bigot. His intense hatred of the Mexicans and other Latin Americans, gays, liberals, and even Americans (other than Republicans, anyway) cannot be tolerated in a public forum such as the Internet. Blogger's own terms of service, while allowing politically distasteful and controversial information, NEVER allow outright hate speech.

If this is all that the South Korean conservative establishment can muster - making hate-filled comments that are increasingly irrelevant to the posts concerned - then South Korea is indeed in a shitload of a trouble. 2MB will most likely get gay marriage banned in California, but he'll need a Hail Mary to get his buddy John McCain into the White House; otherwise, Barack Obama will make 2MB pay dearly for his insolence. For starters, Obama's Department of Homeland Security can charge the Boston Korean bigot with improper US politicking and threats against several groups of Americans, and that will be enough for a deportation order. 2MB will probably give him a hero's welcome back, but the South Korean people won't.