25 October 2008

Fighting South Korean reactionary forces, Part II

In my last post, the Boston-based reactionary Korean moron and his comments (I do believe that it's a he, based on the tone) were showcased to show the stupidity of the mindset that permeates the South Korean government and elites. Apparently, he couldn't take it, so he left a series of new comments, over several posts, using at least three aliases. My intention is to leave them in place, in order to showcase the South Korean reactionary forces' nonsense stupidity to their own fellow countrymen, to their supposed masters in the US, and to the citizens of the entire global community.

I will give this moron one more shot at the spotlight to help my intention along, but I think it will be in my best interest to stop afterwards. If the comments continue, however, I will report him to Blogger. Here are some of the things mentioned:
  • Apparently, I am a Mexican illegally in the US, sucking up tax revenues. Thanks for letting people know - of both my nationality and status, as well as the blatant level of racism among the South Korean elites. No wonder South Korean elites treat white Americans and Europeans like royalty, while treating Southeast Asians and other Third World nationals - the very ones who perform dirty work in South Korea that the Koreans themselves won't - like dirt. The fact remains that 1/6 of the entire ethnic Korean population in the US is illegal as well, almost all of them having overstayed their tourist visas out of their hatred for the leftist Roh Moo-hyun government. Countless other Korean-Americans are former illegals who legalized their status through special partisan immigration amnesties from Reagan and W. Moreover, I thought Korean-Americans and Mexican-Americans are supposed to be friends, due to their shared values of big families, traditional morals (including homophobia), Christian faith, spicy foods, love of soccer, and more. I'll tell the Mexican-Americans to reconsider.
  • Lesbians make up less than 1% of South Korea, and as such, a lesbian like me can never accurately present Korean culture. Pure homophobic BS that 2MB and his supporters (and the Moonies) love to use. Anyone of any sexual orientation is capable of learning a new culture - and presenting at least some truths about it to the rest of the world. At least he got my sexual orientation right. Plus, 2MB and his cronies must learn the "majority rule - but MINORITY RIGHTS" concept, and stop oppressing LGBTs and other minorities in South Korea (and stop funding the oppression of their American counterparts).
  • I must've been born in Busan, and therefore I must be the child of a GI. Pathetic logic. So what if I am a love child of an American GI and his Korean wife? Heck, my alter ego in my novel-in-progress has that exact background. Again, the South Korean establishment is so proud and defensive of the nation's monoethnic makeup, that mixed-blood offsprings are considered dirt. Never mind that things are changing anyway - with so many foreigners in South Korea today (both of the exalted white kind and of the despised Third World kind), more and more mixed-blood children are growing up in South Korea. Much of it has to do with the former military dictatorship's encouragement of abortion of female fetuses, and the resulting surplus men getting wives from Southeast Asia. And how can I be an illegal Mexican, if I am born from an American GI?
  • I must be a Moonie myself, which explains my lengthy Seoul visits. Nice guess. The Moonies do make up much of the exchange between the US and South Korea. But then, I thought I was supposed to be a Mexican illegal sucking up American tax dollars. How can I enter South Korea and re-enter the US, as a Mexican illegal? This moron is incapable of logic, and so are most of the South Korean conservative establishment.
  • My Rambo-ish threats against South Korea are laughable. If I truly loved America, I would be serving in Iraq. Good one. America can and will react against all threats, foreign or domestic. Most Americans in the know do consider the Moonies to be among the largest threats to the American democratic system, and the Republicans have failed to react due to their cozy ties to the Moonies. With Obama, it WILL be different. 2MB must prepare to pay the price - or prevent the whole thing by rigging the US democratic process further and installing McCain. And the whole thing about me needing to serve in Iraq says that because I don't walk the US government line, I cannot be an American; it's a classic smear from the Republicans, the Moonies, and the South Korean conservative establishment. I am willing to serve the US in any way possible, if and when Obama decides to punish 2MB's insolence and asks for help. (Of course, since I am not American, and I can't be Korean either due to the "disrespect" I show to the Koreans, I must be a Mexican illegal.)
  • I must study Korean history more. Agreed. Learning anybody's history is a never-ending process. However, I've studied Korean history at the college level, and know Korean history better than most South Koreans themselves. And I am a believer in factual history - I will not hesitate to point out both the good and the bad. The bad are extremely important to study, so that they will not be repeated again. Contrast this with 2MB's attempts to teach revisionist history in South Korea, and cover up the negatives of South Korea's recent history.
  • America needed South Korea to contain communism in Asia. A unified nuclear Korea will kick America's ass. The latter sounds just like something that Kim Jong-il himself would love to say. I hope this moron realizes that without swift American intervention in the summer of 1950, he would be either praising Kim Jong-il today, or working his ass off in a forced labor camp. Let's go back to 1948 - North Korea got all the industries, so South Korea was piss-poor and unable to defend itself (and certainly unable to anything grandiose like "containing the Red Tide"). South Korea had to build the entire nation from scratch, and the US and other foreign powers are glad that they were able to take a part in it. But neither the US nor the other foreign powers wish to see South Korea repay this debt in the form of nasty US political tricks like the Moonies.
  • The Ainu and other ethnic groups are descendants of the almighty Koreans. I know. And by extension, the Koreans are descendants of the Mongolian gene stock. Making empty nationalistic statements like this does not help anyone's cause, Korean or otherwise.
With the election of 2MB, the people of South Korea had severely let me down. However, I was moved by their remorse over their actions, and their willingness to speak up to keep 2MB's menace in check. I was also moved by South Korea's ability to create an economic miracle AND a tradition of democracy in just a few decades. The South Koreans need to learn one more thing - the ability to pick good leaders - and they realize that.

I will repeat that this moron speaks for the conservative establishment in South Korea, which in turn does NOT speak for the vast majority of the population.

I will also repeat that W's extension of visa-free US entry to South Koreans is a partisan reward to the 2MB government. However, it's also an opportunity, for the everyday people of both nations to take the initiative in seizing control of the relations between the two, instead of keeping the Republicans, the Grand Nationals, and the Moonies in charge.

I am also announcing the official drop of my boycott of most South Korean corporations, including LG, Hyundai, SK, and Kumho Asiana. They are still far from ideal corporate citizens, but they deliver good products and support many jobs and small businesses around the world. As an active customer of those corporations, I will also be able to influence their corporate policies for the better. Only Samsung and Hanjin, due to their blatant political offenses, remain on my boycott list.