25 October 2008

Fighting South Korean reactionary forces

I guess I don't have to wait for my flight back to Seoul, nor drive over to Koreatown, in order to fight these bastards. The fight has been brought into this very blog.

Recently, I posted about the rise of anti-Korean sentiment in China. Some moron sitting in Boston (who is ethnic Korean and a "researcher," and carries an intense hatred of Barack Obama, but I don't know if s/he is a visiting academic or a Korean-American) got offended immediately and started flaming me, insisting that Korea is NOT China, and repeating lots of tired 2MB McCarthyist talking points, as follows. (I never said that Korea was a part of China, and I certainly said nothing about communism - but s/he asked me to do just that, with this moronic comment.)

1) Korea isn't China.
2) Koreans aren't Chinese.
3) Koreans have every right to express there interest and concerns over Tibet.
4) Tibet isn't China.
5) Tibetans have independent culture and language.
6) China anti Korean movement is China's problem not Koreans.
7) China is " sugar-coated" communist regime. Outside looks nice and sweet but inside China
is still communist regime.
8) Koreans don't trust China communist regime.
9) Koreans will always be capitalisism society. Majority of Koreans live capitalist world.
10) Koreans have every right to express the anger toward Chinese because manchuria belonged to Koreans.

And that's what I decided to just go ahead and do, if only to piss off this bastard and break the stupidity of the South Korean elites' mentality:

Hey you asshole,

Korea isn't China? Give me a fucking break. If Korea isn't China, why did Korean kings continue to pay tributes and respects to the Chinese emperor for over a millennium, considering it a Confucian duty, never letting up until the Japanese knocked the concept of national sovereignty into their dense heads?

Even then, they never got it. Their advisors signed Korea over to Japan, and now South Korea is the 51st state of the USA in all but name.

If you are gonna join the USA, fine. Pick your side carefully, however. You are showing your stupidity again by joining the side that represents the few and has fucked up America for the past three decades - the Republicans.

And thanks so much for setting up the Unification Church, so that you can fulfill your Confucian duty to your Republican masters by giving them material and moral help. Thanks for spreading vicious false rumors about America's next President, Barack Obama; I don't think that's considered Confucian respect.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of America thinks your Confucian deference to us is more pathetic than admirable. You can give us your troops to help our Iraqi occupation, you can give us your free trade agreements, and you can buy all our beef even though your consumers want a second check on its safety. But you know what? We won't thank you; we will laugh at your stupidity.

The response from the moron was classic, playing straight out of the 2MB/Moonie smear machine handbook. I will dignify that nonsense by posting it here, if only to show the stupidity of the South Korean elite and their lack of understanding of America, international politics, communism/capitalism, democracy, and just about everything else.

Hey you asshole,

1) Study history asshole, If Koreans where part of China/Chinese. Koreans would be speaking and eating Chinese food.

2) Asshole, Koreans speak and eat Korean food. Not Chinese.

3) Asshole, if Koreans payed tribute to China for thousand of years in Confuscious thought. Koreans grammar should be similiar to Chinese. Koreans should breath and eat Chinese culture. In fact Korean don't rely Chinese culture to daily Korean life.

4) Asshole, Your so dense Korea is capitalist nation that supports United States fight off communist.

5) Asshole, Korean cultural Identity has always have been not becoming " Communist China".

6) Asshole, without Korea there is no Japan or Capitalist free world North East Asia.

7) Asshole, least majority of 90 percent of Koreans live in free capitalist world.

8) Asshole, Unification Church is christin group. Christin religion did not originate from Korea. It origniated from western world.

9) Asshole, if your pro-communist. Then support China, Cuba, and North Korea. You block headed dense head communist!!!

10) Asshole, Korea is Korea and China is China. Two different people with two different culture. Politically and culturally it has been different from 5 thousand years. Asshole!!!

Here's my final response. The moron does not need any more attention from me, as my real enemies are the 2MB government and its Republican buddies, not the average people of South Korea or the US. I decided to stick to facts to piss him/her off even more. I normally have better things to do than throw insults at the Koreans (due to my own partial Korean background), but when my other partial background - Chinese - gets insulted, and when the South Korean government and elites are hell-bent on US electioneering, a few well-placed insults are the least of what I can do.

You little motherfucker and your pathetic excuse of a "nation,"

You just NEVER get it don't you?

- Unlike your little pathetic monoethnic land, China is multiethnic. There are 56 official ethnic groups in China, including your "friends" - Tibetans. The Tibetans are great people - they will struggle well WITHOUT "help" from scums like you. The vast majority speak their own language and maintain their own culture. They are NOT Han Chinese, and never will be. Ever hear of the large Korean population in China? Do they speak only Mandarin, and eat only Chinese food? Maybe they do, given the Koreans' sellout history.

- What gives you the right to determine my level of support for Communism and my level of love/hatred of my own country? You are NOT American. Get the FUCK out of American politics.

- And while at it, your Ministry of National Defence considers patriotic American books to be "anti-American." You just never get it don't you?

- All the support that South Korea offers to the US are ONLY for the Republicans. The vast majority of Americans are suffering from it, SICK of your meddling in our affairs, and will KICK your ass if you don't stop immediately. I know that your pathetic excuse of a President, 2MB, is feeling very scared because a "nigger Muslim" (who isn't even a Muslim) is about to become the next US President.

- The Unification Church is a uniquely Korean twist on Christianity, involving another ideology you learned from your dear Chinese imperial masters - CONFUCIANISM. Hell, as a matter of fact, all Korean denominations of Christianity also involve lots of Confucian concepts.

- You said China-Tibet and China-Korea tensions are the problems of the Chinese, not the Koreans. You know what? Your undying love for our Republicans and their backward social morality are YOUR problem, not ours. We will keep the Republicans if we want to. But we don't want to.

- The US, Republican or Democratic, does NOT need your help in guarding capitalism around the world. We saved your ass ONLY because we needed a buffer zone to ensure Japan's safety and capitalist democracy. We gave you Christianity ONLY because you were dense and moronic enough to listen to our white supremacists' propaganda, and take it literally. Look at all your Asian neighbors - they have their unique Christian cultures, including Asiatic depictions of Jesus and Mary. You always insist on drawing the two as the superior white race; the white Jesus and Mary are themselves European localized versions, asshole, and they were Middle Easterners if you are truly interested in authenticity.

- Korea did NOT exist for 5,000 years (unless you believe the propaganda of the North Korean Communists you claim to hate so much). Maybe 4,300+ years - but only if your Creation legend, which is similar to those of the Ainu in Japan and a number of other ethnicities, is to be believed. But I know very well that you would rather submit to the "superior white Christian race" and adopt the Biblical Creation story.

- You can go Christian and Republican all you want, but America still will laugh at you instead of thanking you. We will be happy to annex your sorry land and teach you what "enlightenment" and "democracy" are REALLY about. But you will NEVER be our real 51st state, even though you sometimes think you are one already. Given the way you fucked up our democratic system, we just can't give you the right to vote in our elections.

- You are so damn typical of a South Korean ignoramus. No wonder your country remains a pathetic excuse of a nation. And you know what? The Bush era is over. Do hope that your pathetic excuse of a President, and the Unification Church, succeed in spreading enough extra false rumors about Obama, and installing McCain as our next President. Because, America wants Obama, America WILL elect Obama, and he will KICK YOUR ASS.

- Now, are you gonna tell me that Obama is a Communist scum too? I know you will. And that will show your pathetic nation's true colors. You don't love America. You don't love democracy. You only love dictatorships and *think* it's democracy.

I look forward to taking the fight back to Seoul and to 2MB's footsteps. The neocon saying on the Muslim terrorists, "you must fight them over there so that we don't have to fight them over here," applies even more to the South Korean reactionaries' influence on US politics. The Grand Nationals and the Republicans will pose major challenges, but the vast majority of people of both nations are NOT on their side.