21 October 2008

Declaration of War

It's my 800th post, and it will be a DECLARATION OF WAR. Despite watching How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, I am NOT in a good mood.

Please read a recent post over at Silenced Majority Portal. McCain and Palin are determined to win the presidency at ANY COST, and now that even generous contributions and propaganda from the Moonies and the South Korean government are NOT helping, it's time to start threatening Obama-Biden supporters with physical violence and vandalism.

I will not let this go unanswered. It's a shame that the Moonie motherfuckers can destroy American democracy, threaten voters, and install their favorite government all they want, while a legitimate American like myself finds it difficult to even vote at all.

Obama is not the perfect candidate. Nobody is. And he will never solve the grave problems that America and the world face, in the four or eight years he will spend in the White House. But he is the best hope, nevertheless, and will get the process started. Most real Americans realize that - unlike some moronic non-Americans, namely the Moonies and 2MB, with their twisted, incorrect idea of what America ought to be.

If the Moonies keep up their crap, Obama, when inaugurated, must consider using the CIA to carry out the overthrow of 2MB. After all, the CIA has removed far less anti-American heads of state overseas for much lesser reasons. 2MB has clearly funded the ongoing death threats against Obama, and Obama has every right and obligation to respond. The South Korean conservative establishment must be taught that spreading false smear rumors about the next President of the United States does NOT count as "Confucian deference." I sincerely hope that Obama will point a nuke or two in the direction of Seoul, so that these bastards will get a clue and shut up.

From now on, it is WAR against the South Korean government, elites, and right-wingers, as well as the Korean-American community. They asked for a war, and a war they shall get.