27 October 2008

Halloween costumes

Courtesy of DiAnne Grieser @ Silenced Majority Portal:

Political costumes are hot, though not as hot as traditional superheroes.

Dallas Morning News

Both Obama and McCain are doing well, while Biden is being overlooked. But Palin is the hottest seller of them all.

One seller actually says that most Palin wannabes are men. Sounds pretty good - though I still think the best political "drag" costume a man can do is, still, Ann Coulter, with a huge penis hanging below the trademark miniskirt.

And update on the Boston Korean bigot - he claims to have reported me to the Obama campaign office in Boston, for calling Obama a "nigger." This lunatic can't even read English right; it's 2MB and the South Korean pawns of American white supremacy, supporting calls to label Obama by the N-word and even lynch him, not me. He even says that I've been reported to the Moonies and the 2MB government for immediate deportation from South Korea upon arrival, as well as to the INS (which doesn't even exist anymore) for deportation back to Mexico. Fucking laughable! If 2MB indeed deports me from South Korea, it'll be a true sign of his desperation, and I'll consider that an honor! I'll share everything with the South Koreans I come across, just to show them how pathetic their conservatives and government are; they already agree with me on that count, but would certainly love more proof!