10 October 2008

Meanwhile, back in the US...

The following two sets of images have been circulating in the blogosphere, including at my friends' blogs, in regards to the Democratic and Republican candidates for President and Vice President.

Love the above. Though honestly I'd rather have Obama be the French TGV rather than the Japanese Shinkansen, given Japan's half-century of uninterrupted reactionary one-party politics. Also, Biden needs to be upgraded from an obsolete Amtrak diesel-electric to a current Amtrak Acela.

And if I try to bring this analogy into my current South Korean context, I see that the policies of the current Lee Myung-bak government are the equivalent of running an old, beat-up steam locomotive at 20 MPH, on a 200-MPH TGV track. Or run the proper TGV train on the said track, though at a much reduced speed, more like 50 MPH - which was indeed the case last week for several minutes as I was returning from Busan.

This one is great too. McCain is so old that he predates telephones!

I do hope Obama is the new iPhone 3G, which is blazing fast and works worldwide, as opposed to the original iPhone, which I have right now, and which cannot function in Japan and South Korea. Biden as a Blackberry is very admirable too.