13 November 2008

Obama = Renegade

I seriously need to hit the sack, but I am hooked on news articles. And BBC has this latest from the US.

Presidents, presidential candidates, and others subject to US Secret Service protection, get nicknames that are easy to identify and pronounce. As it turns out, Barack Obama is called Renegade, and his immediate family members also have call signs that start with R. They are used for easy identification rather than confidentiality, so they are released to the public.


Some of these nicknames are as follows, according to the article.
  • Barack Obama: Renegade
  • Michelle Obama: Renaissance
  • Malia Obama: Radiance
  • Sasha Obama: Rosebud
  • Joseph Biden: Celtic
  • John McCain: Phoenix
  • Cindy McCain: Parasol
  • Sarah Palin: Denali
  • Todd Palin: Driller
  • Al Gore: Sawhorse, then Sundance
  • Karenna Gore: Smurfette
  • George W. Bush: Trailblazer
  • Laura Bush: Tempo
  • Dick Cheney: Angler
  • Ronald Reagan: Rawhide
  • Jimmy Carter: Deacon
  • Gerald Ford: Passkey