20 November 2008

Quick Travel Update

Sure, I will visit Hong Kong in just a week, but it still seems far away, as so many things continue to happen to me in Seoul.

As previously mentioned, I've relocated from Yongsan to the posh suburban metropolis of Seongnam. Back in Yongsan, a neighbor had a wireless router whose signal I could piggyback on, but here in Seongnam, I don't have that, so I am forced to use a relative's desktop. I'd rather get online with my own computer, however, and see if the wired broadband connection will work on my laptop. (Korea Telecom may demand account numbers, however.)

My car rental has been extended by an extra day, as I lost yesterday to the move and an extra sightseeing stop. It was certainly nice to have a car for the move, however. I stuck to mass transit for reporting to my qi treatment, though.

Yesterday's sightseeing took me to a very snowy movie studio just outside the eastern suburb of Namyangju. I have a few photos, but won't upload them until I get my laptop online (or decide to use the desktop instead). Yes, Seoul had its first (very early) snowstorm of the season yesterday, with actual accumulation, and it was quite a sight - though driving didn't seem too treacherous, just yet.

Today should take me to Icheon Pottery Village and a few sights around Cheonan. I want to get the most use out of my rental car before I have to part with it early next week!