11 November 2008

Two BBC reports - one from California, one from North Korea

The fight is far from over, according to a BBC report in the wake of Prop 8.


Both supporters and opponents of Prop 8 had said that the fight was extremely high-stakes. And it surely was, attracting massive funding from out of state (namely Utah and the Mormons) and even overseas (including right here, South Korea).

In fact, I just came across a very ugly face of South Korea's own homophobia, and I will share a picture to that effect on my next post.

It appears that some of the leading South Korean homophobes are former North Koreans who had defected south in search of freedom for themselves. These defectors are prime recruiting targets for the far right groups within South Korea, as well as the Christian extremists from the US. Some of the most welcome guests at the W White House were indeed ex-North Koreans, who supported the W agenda 100%. Unfortunately, they are crushing other people's freedoms and rights to a pursuit of happiness, and I won't stand for it.

From now on, I will fully support returning their sorry asses back north, so that their Dear Leader can finish them off in a forced labor camp. After all, many of these so-called "defectors" didn't come south to seek freedom; they came south to spy, and one was recently caught red-handed. And while at it, the US must stop granting Cuban-style freebie amnesties to North Koreans!

On the subject of North Korea, the inter-Korean border will be completely sealed as of December 1st. North Korea cites the belligerence of the 2MB government here in the South for the reason in its decision. North Korea is making a serious mistake, as a South Korean industrial park in Kaesong will have to close, and 30,000 jobs and lots of funding will disappear. However, it is also an indication that even as other nations are gaining leverage in North Korea, South Korea, thanks to the myopic 2MB policies, is losing leverage instead. Both Koreas will dearly pay for the megalomania of their respective leaders!