07 November 2008

Two tidbits from BBC

Five years ago this week, I was in London, and many people were wearing red poppies; I wondered what they stood for. As I headed for Heathrow to return home, I got the answer: Remembrance Day. There was even a moment of silence in the late morning hours, as I waited at the gate to board my flight home.

The photo above, from BBC's In Pictures section, shows a 7-meter Poppy Man at Heathrow, marking this year's Remembrance Day. I really need to travel to the UK again before too long.

And over in the US, Sarah Palin is far from finished. Now that her failed vice presidential run has given her national name recognition - and the adoration of religious extremists - she will be able to start engineering a comeback, one that may end in a presidential run in 2012. Obama and the Democrats need to embrace Christians and other religious practitioners of moderate stances, but must crack down hard on the extremists, and ensure that Palin, or anyone similar to her, will never have a shot at national influence again.

BBC on possible Palin 2012