06 December 2008


In an effort to curb organized crime - at least that's what the officials say - Amsterdam will cut its brothels and cannabis joints by half.

It looks like Amsterdam is trying to be just another city, rather than a unique place. Actually, given what I know about Amsterdam, it'll be even worse than just another city, because there is absolutely nothing being done to check the menace of the Surinamese immigrant thugs.

The thugs, notorious for their outright sexism, racism, and homophobia, have made Amsterdam a living hell for many, and that was certainly my experience when I was there 9 years ago today. In addition, they and other immigrants, many of them reactionary Muslims, have been testing the Dutch tolerance by imposing their backward intolerant views on the rest of the society.

In a week, I must return to California, where the local Korean population - extremist even by Seoul standards - have been doing the exact same crap to the society. And the white liberals in both Amsterdam and California are unable and unwilling to do anything about this, out of their politically correct, but vastly incorrect, belief that nonwhite cultures are incapable of doing harm. I'm sorry, but that's how California passed Propositions 22 and 8, and other backward strides will be taken over the next several years unless this madness is brought to stop at once.

Amsterdam remains the one place that I hope to never see again.


P.S. The 2MB supporters' fuck-up of my Internet connection is so severe, that even United Airlines' website is timing out randomly. Maybe they do want me to fly their puppet airline, Korean Air. I'll surely raise hell and make everyone in South Korea know how much I hate their illegitimate government, and once back in California, I'll do everything to derail the Korean-American agenda.