06 December 2008

Obama Realty

Snowy morning in Seoul. It's probably very cold again, but I'll most likely head downtown later on.

I can't access Daily Kos due to the 2MB embargo, but DiAnne Grieser did, and found a photo of Obama Realty, which just opened in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

Silenced Majority Portal

Exactly what I needed to see. However, this may be playing with fire, as 2MB hates Obama, and could raid the Obama Realty offices, arrest everyone inside as "left-wing activists," and put them to death after a short summary trial. This would've been nonsense as recently as October, but it's reality today. The only comfort comes from knowing that the vast majority of South Koreans are utterly fed up with their government, and will not cooperate with government demands for help in cracking down the "leftists."

For the rest of my South Korean sojourn, I'll make my biases clear. Despite my US passport which identifies me as a Korean-American (and implies that I am a supporter of 2MB), my allegiance is not to him, but to the everyday South Koreans. Upon my return to the US, I will make sure to kick some major butt in the Korean-American community.

And yes, my Hyundai Genesis will be in red if at all possible - a huge liberty-taking on my part, as almost all Genesises in South Korea are silver, gray, and black. Not only will it give a nod to my partial Chinese background and my Hong Kong experiences, but it will also certainly drive the Korean-American McCarthyists nuts (if its Buddhist-themed vanity plate won't do that already). Until now, I've avoided red cars myself due to their higher visibility (and therefore higher probability of being pulled over for speeding), but this is probably more of a muted metallic red, which I can accept. In any case, I'll have to see the car in person and take it for a spin before I sign the dotted line.