19 December 2008

Final Insult

Due to the neoliberal mismanagement of the US and world economy, it looks like my mint-condition BMW will fetch a pitiful amount.

I got a good no-obligation appraisal, and it's just as pitiful as all other preliminary values I had obtained. The vehicle was checked out to be in tiptop condition, so it appears that the real issue is more of a luxury car glut in the market. Sure, I have a fantastic deal on the Hyundai to make up for it, but it doesn't make up for the massive clobbering I am getting on my BMW.

A 5-year-old BMW should still hold about 45% of its original value, but it appears that it'll only hold a third in this market. I guess this is the final insult that the neoliberal bastards, funded in part by all the money I've paid to BMW, have in store. I even had a few second thoughts about making the trade.

But I must go ahead with the trade. If buying a car were all rational, nobody would ever buy luxury cars anyway. There is quite a bit of emotional factor involved, and again, life is way too short to be spent driving a car that doesn't speak for me. I would rather give up my BMW before it loses even more value, and it really starts to deteriorate. Plus, it looks like the Hyundai Genesis is on track to become the next North American Car of the Year at the Detroit Auto Show in January (that'd be a first for a South Korean car), and it'll be priceless to be driving around in a winner.

I've made final arrangements with the purchasing service, and the whole swap should be complete by midday tomorrow.