31 December 2008

From the church...

I spent last night over at Neighborhood Unitarian Church in Pasadena, so that I could get a portrait taken for the church member directory. I wasn't too happy with the portraits taken, but I can live with what I got.

I spoke with the church's music director, who was there for a portrait session himself. I noted that he had arrived in a black 2006 BMW 325i with sport package. We had a nice chat - and much of it revolved around Korean and Cantonese food, both of which he and his wife love (and I had plenty of myself as of late). Of course, I made sure to talk about my past three months in Seoul and Hong Kong, particularly the lack of Unitarian representation in South Korea but the Koreans' own, very Unitarian-like approach to religion and spirituality.

And of course, the subject of BMW had to come up too. As it turns out, the couple's son had totaled the wife's Toyota Camry in a DUI accident, so as punishment, they had to take his BMW away. The couple hated the BMW, however, as it was a 3-series with sport package, meaning cramped interior and very firm ride. All the juicy bits I shared with them regarding BMW's coziness with Pope Benedict (not to mention massive advertising on Bill O'Reilly, and refusal to acknowledge my inquiry emails) turned out to be pleasant revelations. It was priceless to tell them that I had just spent $40K on a lowly Hyundai - and that the Hyundai is a far superior vehicle!

Tonight, I expect to ring in 2009 by visiting my favorite transgender lesbian nightclub in San Fernando Valley. It will be Gwaneum One's first visit there. She will surely make a grand statement in regards to what I had done during my trip over in Asia!