10 December 2008

Moving ahead

I've gone ahead and placed a purchase request for a Hyundai Genesis.

I'm past the talking/joking stage. I'm fed up with BMW's corporate policies, and I am making my swap, even though it'll cost me a bundle. The bonus is that I'm ending up with a car that's far superior anyway. (As long as I don't try to autocross it, anyway - but then, I never autocrossed my BMW either.)

As previously noted, I am asking for a red V6 model if at all possible. I also asked for "cashmere" tan interior while at it; fortunately, photos suggest that the floor carpet is black, hiding all those ugly stains that I'm bound to get. The cashmere interior also puts wood insert into the dash, while other colors put in leather inserts, which probably may not last as long.

I also asked for a fully loaded version with the Tech Package, with more electronic gizmos than I can count. I know how advanced South Korean electronics now is, and I want my car to reflect that; I won't compromise on this.

Of course, I don't want to be too hasty, so nothing will be set in stone until (1) I see the car and (2) take a lengthy test-drive. Nevertheless, this is one car purchase that I'll really look forward to.

I may be jumping the gun, as I am not even back stateside yet (and my cell phone is not working yet), but as the purchase will be less than two weeks away, I must allow enough time for locating my desired color and configuration. It'll also give me time to work out the financing (cash, but I need to tap a CD that allows one no-penalty withdrawal) as well as trade-in on the BMW.