11 December 2008


The colonial 2MB government and its supporters are total bastards.

Even though I am going to be boosting their bottom line, by buying a Hyundai Genesis (therefore resulting in extra taxable income for both Hyundai and its employees, resulting in extra tax revenue for 2MB), they don't seem to want it. They are determined to keep blocking my Internet access, and prevent me from getting the information I want on this car.

I guess they are so PO'd with Hyundai's management and unionized workforce, that they are determined to kill the company, just like the US government policies helped kill off the Big Three. Suppliers, including LG (who makes the navigation system), will suffer too. For that matter, I think the only company the colonials can accept is Samsung. And I do believe that the colonials would rather have me keep driving my Nazi BMW and keep buying overpriced BMW parts to keep it on the road.

This will make my life harder, but I am not being derailed. A purchase request is already in, and the purchasing service is asking me to call as soon as I return home.

And even politics aside, I'm going for the best car I can get for my money, and by getting in the way, the colonials are demonstrating that they are NOT supporting the free-market capitalism that they claim to love so much. In fact, they look just like their hated enemies, the North Koreans - starving the economy and the people for minor gains for the regime.

Maybe I do need to visit Koreatown in my Genesis. If only to offend the largest number of Korean-American colonial supporters possible!