04 December 2008

North American updates

Two news feeds, courtesy of BBC.

First, something unthinkable has happened in Canada. The Conservative Government of Stephen Harper was facing a no-confidence vote that, if allowed to unfold, would've ended Harper's reign as the Prime Minister. To block this, Harper asked for a temporary shutdown of the Parliament - and got his wish through January. This is the first time that such a set of events ever unfolded in Canada. Harper is referring to the opposition coalition as "anti-Canadian," as it includes the Parti Quebecois, which supposedly stands for Quebec independence. I must give a hand to Harper's smearing tactics, which are so similar to those used by the outgoing Republicans in the US and their colonial puppets here in South Korea. I wonder if the Moonies have significant presence in Canada too?


Second, a Republican Congresswoman from South Florida hung up on Barack Obama twice, thinking he was a prankster from a local radio station. As it turned out, however, it was the real Obama. On the third try, Obama did end up having a great chat with the Congresswoman for a while on a variety of foreign relations issues, and later shrugged off the mishap as a non-event. I was originally alerted to this news item through Yahoo's South Korean website as I logged on there to get weather forecasts; some discussions from fellow Yahoo! users indicated that if it were an opposition South Korean politician hanging up on 2MB, s/he would've surely gone straight to jail as a "communist sympathizer."


Speaking of weather, Seoul will remain frozen all day today and tomorrow. I'll make sure to bundle up.