19 February 2009

Quick Updates

I've really slowed my blogging down - a sharp contrast from my days in Korea and Hong Kong, when I was blogging like there was no tomorrow. Some developments must be noted, however:
  • New York Post has a cartoon that appears to suggest assassinating President Obama. There is a huge uproar, needless to say. I do hope that the public can launch an organized boycott of New York Post and other elements of the News Corporation empire.
  • I took a day trip to Santa Barbara, to keep testing my camera. Some photos coming soon.
  • To make my photo trips even more productive, I'll start taking photography courses at a nearby community college.
  • While it appeared that I was going to move to a new place, that won't be happening. However, my folks are moving. I get to keep their old house and pay them rent (and do upkeep and pay utilities). This will be much nicer than my current situation, even though I hate the fact that (1) I must keep my folks' cats and (2) I'm stuck in a very hardcore wingnut town.
  • I do have a new office help at work, so my work routine should be a bit less stressful down the road. I could actually afford to take time off and travel (or study or do something else meaningful), AND get more done at work. I do want to travel; between a nice new car and my newfound elite airline customer status, I need to take advantage, and last year's travel was too fun and too enlightening!
In any case, I am so thankful that I still have a good source of income, even through this crummy economy. I do want to make the most out of this, and live a better life.