20 March 2009

Convert. Or Exterminate.

The Christian and Muslim death cultists of all stripes are now making that the predominant culture of the land in Southern California.

The so-called conservatives, despite their nativist rhetoric, are benefiting too much from the Christian theocracy of the primitive Third World immigrant cultures, and as much as they claim to hate Islam, appreciate the shared barbaric values and teachings contained in Islam.

The so-called liberals are just too scared of ever offending a single nonwhite, so they will never say a thing about the Christian theocrats. And as for Islam? It's not a European religion, so they think it can't possibly be bad.

I've had it. Christianity and Islam are two very bloodthirsty death cults who have grown to dominate the world only because of their most important, overriding dogma: convert, or exterminate. Coexistence with others is not part of their thought system. And they are making it clearly known. It looks like either the fair-minded people must stand up and say no now, or they will forever be themselves exterminated once and for all.

The Christian/Muslim excuse of a "God" is a bloodthirsty asshole, and must be exterminated himself. Though I am pretty sure that whatever "God" turns out to be, it's not a personality at all, more like a force of energy (what the Chinese would call "qi") that abstractly exists in anything and everything. That's the true higher power I shall answer to, not some mean-spirited bloodthirsty asshole that exists only in the pages of the Death Book.

I want to remind the white liberals that to give in to these barbarians is just like being a Jew who gave in to the Nazi rule. Those Jews got exterminated anyway - and that is the fate of white liberalism in California and elsewhere in the civilized world, if nothing is done now.

I made sure to immediately destroy all Death Book verses hanging in my office. And that, in addition to selling my BMW a few months ago, is just a start. I may not be able to move to a saner region right away, but until I do, I will fight tooth and nail to contain and extinguish the death cults - or die trying. I will also oppose any and all immigration policies that serve to fatten the ranks of the death cultists at the expense of the saner society.