28 May 2009

Adios, El Salvador del Norte

Maybe I need to leave California sooner than I thought. As in, weeks rather than years.

I came back from Canada to the knowledge that I do not have full civil rights in California anymore. That's one thing - and I actually expected Prop 8 to be upheld. However, now I am out of a livelihood as well, as I've been barred from entry to a military base where my company has several contracts. All of this happened on basis of false witness from the civilian uneducated theocratic thugs staffing the passes office for the base - that I was a "threat" to them. Never mind that bearing false witness is a direct violation of Article 9 of the California Constitution (I now consider the Biblical Ten Commandments as the only Constitution that applies to California, knowing how much of a theocracy that it is).

I still have my company and job, but I will need to be working in exile, and have my representatives actually supervise the job sites. At this point, I think I can do everything by email, and it makes no point to remain in the Third World theocratic hellhole known as California.

I'll now plot my move as to where I'm heading next. I've been thinking of a move "on paper," setting up a Nevada address at, say, some dirt-cheap shack in Las Vegas which I could use for my driver's license and car registration. I may actually have to act on it, though I don't consider Las Vegas, great as it is, to be a worthy hometown. For a permanent hometown, I'll need a cultured, well-educated place with a government that works well and is a good value for the taxes I'm expected to pay. Nevada is certainly good value (the state has enough gambling revenues that it doesn't need to tax me much, if at all), but it's certainly not the most educated, and there are Mormon theocrats galore outside the Vegas Strip. The Pacific Northwest, most of the Northeast, and the Chicago area come across my mind as acceptable destinations.

Of course, if I keep running my business long enough to build assets and move into some other opportunities, then my dependence on the US Department of Defense will not be so total. At that point, I'll seriously consider a Canadian entrepreneur or investor visa option. I do not wish to give up on the US, but I do want to add Canada as a second home country, and benefit from its higher standard of living and more enlightened mindsets. Comparing the constructive Canadian immigration system to the destructive US system, I know that Canada is more of "a nation of immigrants" than the US ever was, and if I have something nice to offer to my new hosts of the Canadian society, I will gladly do so. I'll start working more closely with my Canadian contacts to see how I can fit into their society.

In any case, between the anti-business far left and the anti-civil rights far right, both too busy sucking up to the nonwhite theocrats to get anything meaningful done, California is a lost cause. There is no reason for me to be in California anymore, when my means of making a living can easily be taken away at the whims of a theocratic thug. California is now doomed to decay into a pathetic state where nothing meaningful can ever be done and poverty become rampant, much like the Central American homelands of Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua where many Californians indeed hail from. I hope the saner states and nations take a clue from California, and prevent their own jurisdictions from meeting the same fate.