26 October 2009

Current Location: Stuttgart

A nasty secret of European travel is that Internet access can be very pricey - about 8 Euro for one hour, if done from a hotel.  And while I can visit an Internet cafe easily, I cannot do work email from there, so I have to bite the bullet.

But for now, I enjoyed a few days in Munich, and now find myself in lovely Stuttgart. I'm also pleasantly surprised that my iPhone can roam in Europe, with roaming already set up - though at a steep price.

I will not blog extensively until I return home, but I'm taking tons of photos in the meantime. Until then, here is a teaser.

This gazebo is seen at a royal park in front of a palace, and sits on the long Koenigstrasse pedestrian shopping street. I had to take a photo because a Facebook friend of mine, Saniye McFadden, a Turkish-German who married an American soldier and has since moved to Virginia, had a photo of herself taken here a long time ago. In fact, she's loving the photo, which I posted to her Facebook profile.

The Mercedes-Benz will be picked up tomorrow morning. Looking forward to my first Continental European road trip!