22 October 2009

Departing soon...

I have been so stressed out, from work and personal matters, that I have done no further preparatory posts on the cultures of Germany and my other European destinations, even though I did enough Wikipedia searches on the topics.

But I am happy to say that my departure is imminent. This will be my last post before Europe. I do expect to have Internet access at all my European locations, but that cannot be counted on 100%.

It'll be priceless being away from the teabaggers and their Third World anti-individual mindsets, if only for a few weeks. (Yes, much of my stress is due to Asian Confucian BS - even from people well outside my circle of acquaintances.) Sure, Asian-Americans are considered elitist a-holes by most of Europe (since Asian-Americans often consider themselves white equivalents, and bring in the worst of America's right-wing elitist attitudes right into Europe), but I don't have to advertise being an American. Just to be sure, I will not have any US dollars on me as I depart - only Euro.

Despite the tight schedule, I hope to accomplish much of what I managed to do in Seoul and Hong Kong last year. And that alone will be priceless.

I have already changed my "current location" on Facebook to Munich.