23 June 2006

Fashion Corner (Double Feature)

Here are a couple of celebs dressed in 1980s-inspired wear.

Photo courtesy of MSN Movies

Here's Kate Beckinsale. She looked great a few years back in Pearl Harbor - so why is she hiding behind this really dated 1980s setup? It's all black and white - nothing wrong with that in itself, but a splash of color can't hurt. And the styling - from oversized white shoes to wide belt to tapered-leg pants - is really dated. I know that the 1980s fashions are back, but this is a tad too faithful to the era; the better way to do it would be to re-interpret the decade in a more modern way, with a modern era article of clothing or accessory.

And the lack of makeup makes her look old and hideous too.

Photo courtesy of MSN Movies

And here is Lindsay Lohan, again. She definitely has a penchant for footless tights. (And so does Sienna Miller - though she also likes footed ones.) This time, Lindsay has chosen to go knee-length for a 1980s biker look, and has covered herself in a long top again. I like the shoes and the bag, but the makeup and hair - no thanks.

I remember the last time footless tights and long tops were popular - in my teens. I wanted to wear them then (though couldn't), and this time around, I'll spend a few hours in Seattle shopping for the look. I would make sure that the long top at least looks like a dress (if it's not one outright) though. I just don't like wearing a VPL-revealing pair of footless tights and covering them only with a top.

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