08 June 2007

CIA jails "confirmed" in Poland

The CIA, which the Black Eyed Peas describe as one of the "terrorists livin' here in the USA," has been rumored to be running secret torture prisons in certain European countries, in violation of US and international laws.

The newest news articles say that a Swiss senator by the name of Dick Marty has proof of those activities, in Poland, including documented landings of a well-known CIA-registered jet at Szymany.

Poland is not only a major human rights abuser in its own right, but a collaborator of the Nazi, the Soviet, and the W regimes. It was also home to Pope John Paul II, who yanked the Roman Catholic Church hard to the right, and reduced it to the US Department of Faith. And W is handsomely rewarding this rogue state, with participation in the US missile shield program, and with Rummy's rhetoric of a "New Europe." I'm also pretty well convinced that the Poles are enjoying special perks in US immigration laws, much like the Cubans since 1959, the Vietnamese in the 1970s, the Nicaraguans and the Koreans in the 1980s, and the Ukrainians and Venezuelans today.

This is one European country I am in no hurry to visit.