18 November 2007

Tendencies of Different Political Persuasions

Thanks to DiAnne Grieser for the link...

Zogby says conservatives, liberals, and moderates have different and similar tastes in entertainment. Some findings:
  • Liberals are more likely to listen to conservative talk shows than vice versa, explaining why Rush Limbaugh is more popular than Air America.
  • Conservatives don't like TV - but when they watch, it's Fox and Fox News.
  • Liberals love video games - especially The Sims.
  • Politically themed shows (such as Brothers and Sisters, starring my former idol Calista Flockhart as a Republican pundit) are a plus for liberals, a minus for moderates.
  • Conservatives listen to country and gospel. Liberals listen to most other popular genres.
  • Conservatives are into baseball and auto racing. Liberals are most likely to follow soccer.
  • Conservatives like nonfiction. Liberals prefer fiction - and read more.
  • Moderates watch Fox News and daytime and children's programming.
  • Conservatives are more likely to predict one's political leanings based on the person's entertainment tastes. Moderates are least likely to do so.
And on a non-entertainment subject:
  • Half of conservatives believe that immigrants come to America to get benefits from the government. Almost all liberals believe that immigrants are searching for a better opportunity to work.