17 September 2008

Two Things

First, in a Democracy Cell Project discussion, a Free Republic (a right-wing political website) discussion was quoted. Specifically, it said:

"Well, if the current Republican leadership is ineffective, why should someone vote for another one? While all the current circumstances are not Bush’s fault, during Clinton I never worried about by IRA/401K, outsourcing, energy, etc. etc. etc. If Obama had anyone worth their salt running his campaign, he could really take advantage of this mess. That’s all I’m sayin."

Barack Obama, are you listening?

Second, as I see the various protests in Seoul, I can't help but draw the parallels between the policies of Lee Myung-bak and the Grand National Party, and those of their Republican buddies back in the US. The Grand Nationals are busy spending billions, trillions of won on influencing US Republican politics in its favor, even as it appears to be becoming harder and harder for the average resident of Seoul to make ends meet, just like the Republicans are spending too much on foreign wars based on lies, and destroying the American and world economies in the process.

It also is worth noting that the Grand National Party, in a previous iteration, called itself the Republican Party, during the reign of Unitary Executive Park Chung-hee (1961-1979). Actually, the full name was Democratic Republican Party, but everyone called it simply Republican. How apt, considering its strong ties to the US Republicans then - and now.