10 October 2008

Other US news

It's noon on Saturday, October 11th.

Reports have it that the Dow Jones index has dropped to 7,900 or so, according to some news feeds I saw on a subway train this morning. Thanks, W, for destroying the US as I knew it.

Regarding the US elections, Obama's lead over McCain appears to have widened. I think I saw a BBC report, right after the second debate, putting Obama ahead by a whopping 24%, though I need to double-check other polls just to be sure. Meanwhile, I received an email from Truth Fights Back, signed by Senator John Kerry, stating that all of McCain's official ads now are negative attacks in character, and that at McCain-Palin rallies, Obama is treated as a traitor and a scum who ought to be lynched; this behavior of the McCain camp cannot be forgiven. I will also continue to condemn the Lee Myung-bak government here in Seoul, for his continued funding of the McCain-Palin campaign and other US conservative causes through the Unification Church.

The US elections are a conversation topic, even with other people at the meditation and with the apartment maid. While doubts linger about the ability of the white Americans to accept a black President, it still appears that Obama has the deal pretty much sealed. Nevertheless, as long as South Korea continues to fund McCain, I will not let my guard down.

On one more topic, BBC also reports that Connecticut has legalized gay marriage, through a state Supreme Court ruling worded similarly to the landmark California decision last May. While this is a good news, I continue to be worried about California's Proposition 8, another pet project of the South Korean government. Lee Myung-bak needs to do better things with his people's taxes than legislating morality in a foreign political division!