05 November 2008

California and boycotts

By keeping its Republican embattled incumbents in Congress, and by passing the gay marriage ban, California has really let me down, and showed me its true colors - a land of reactionary immigrants who meddle with other people's private business (and of clueless white liberals who look the other way).

I will not be spending any more money with California-based companies, except those known to be good corporate citizens (fortunately, the list of such companies is very long).

I had indicated last month that I was going to throw my Samsung TV away when I return home. I didn't get to do it when I did go home late last month, as I simply did not have any time to unplug it and look for a recycler. But this time, that will be the first thing on my agenda. When South Korean governmental funds go into divisive, hateful California laws, there will be hell to pay, especially for corporate sponsors of such government initiatives.

I will also make sure to really load up on my Korean food here in Seoul, as I have no intention of ever dining at a Korean restaurant in California - or patronizing any other Korean-American businesses for that matter.

Non-Koreans won't be spared either. My BMW will be sold as soon as possible. Now that I am officially a second-class citizen in California, I cannot afford to keep driving products from a company that's determined to keep me that way. BMW has also supported the fascists' call to destroy San Francisco, one of the few brights spots in the otherwise fucked-up state. And it certainly won't be replaced with a Toyota/Lexus product, either.

The rank-and-file in South Korea have inspired me, however. They do not share my enthusiasm for LGBT rights, but they do share my belief in equality and justice, and would not have supported the gay marriage ban in California. I never thought I'd replace my BMW with a Hyundai, but that may just be what happens. If that goes ahead, the likely replacement Hyundai model will either be the Genesis luxury sedan or the upcoming 2010 Sonata hybrid, both of which will be far better appointed than my BMW, which is a performance car but certainly NOT a luxury car.