22 December 2008

Quick update

I was very happy to bring Gwaneum One to my Unitarian Church yesterday - and share the story of my three months in South Korea and Hong Kong, and why I am no longer showing up in a BMW.

The people were very happy to have me back, and to hear my story. The South Koreans' more relaxed approach to religion has many Unitarian parallels - and it was as much of a revelation to the churchgoers as it had been to me. After all, they are used to the Korean-American religious extremism, including overwhelming support for Proposition 8, which my church had strongly opposed.

And sure enough, there used to be a few BMWs in the church parking lot, but I saw zero yesterday. And while Gwaneum One was the only Genesis around anywhere, it was far from being the only Hyundai at the church.

Now, the order of business is to buy insurance for Gwaneum One, and to take it up to San Francisco. Looking forward to everything. For now, I am amazed at how smooth and high-quality the car feels. Hyundai is certainly the least prestigious manufacturer I've ever bought from, but the Genesis is the smoothest and the most refined car I've ever driven.