24 December 2008

San Francisco

I drove up I-5 into the Bay Area, and arrived at a Hilton Garden Inn, as usual. But this time, it's a new property in Emeryville - actually, a renovated property, to be exact - rather than my usual location near SFO.

The rain will get in the way some, but I wanted to break in Gwaneum One, so I had to make the trip. I'll surely have a lovely Christmas Eve, San Francisco style.

I picked up word that Benedict XVI now thinks "gender blurring" (LGBTs) is as much of a threat to the world as destruction of rainforests. I won't comment on it, other than that I am more proud than ever to have dumped my BMW. As long as BMW continues to be the main corporate sponsor of Benedict (and O'Reilly and many other reactionaries), I'll forever feel proud of my decision. Sure, there continue to be many BMWs around the Bay Area, but I guess that they are either (1) unaware of BMW's politics or (2) supporting it anyway (definitely true of some Contra Costa County suburbanites).

Gwaneum One is great meanwhile - though I am still trying to find my optimal seating position, due to so many possible adjustments. But all features are working just as advertised, and it's the best touring car I've ever driven. I did know that Hyundai has been spending a fortune on R&D, and that it also has over two decades of luxury car experience (dating back to the original '86 Grandeur), but still, the Genesis is blowing me away.