01 November 2008

Redistributing Wealth

John McCain's most recent attack line against Barack Obama is that Obama supports redistributing wealth, while McCain himself supports creating it. It clearly shows the lack of understanding of basic economic principles on McCain's part, as wealth must be created AND redistributed. Without some redistribution of wealth, the masses can no longer participate in the market forces, and capitalism itself breaks down. Every capitalist democracy redistributes wealth to some degree.

Moreover, I've just learned that the McCain campaign itself - particularly his running mate Palin - supports its own take on redistribution of wealth. Notably, it involves taking the wealth of non-Christians and spreading it to Christians, in accordance with some Death Book verses.

Huffington Post

Theocracy has no room in America. McCain-Palin must be stopped at any cost.

And theocracy has no room here in South Korea either. If 2MB's funds get McCain even close, or get gay marriage banned in California, count on me to start a riot in Seoul and take it all out on those Christian doomsday missionaries, who spew their obnoxious crap at lots of public places, including parks and palaces, where such activities are clearly illegal (but 2MB now looks the other way). I will also start making contributions to the Buddhist and other groups that are opposing the 2MB government's blatant Christian bias. If 2MB can interfere with my politics and take away my rights, then I can interfere with his politics too.